D E B O R A H   M C D U F F

"I create in different languages and materials to offer a visceral understanding of life.  Conceptual ideas, words and images are revealed in my dreams and constructed during my awakened state.  All my past and present experiences in life are connected to me and cannot exist without each other.  

        My spirituality inspires my artistic development and brings peace and harmony into my world.   I create sculptural portraits that symbolize rebirth and give meaning to my objects. My process combines dreams, shadows, poetry, found, and new materials. The viewer is invited to witness conversations about celebrations, honor, struggles, memorials, and hope.  Drawing upon ancestral and human conditions, my objective is to create an environment of intimacy, individual and collective awareness, healing and social change through visual and performance art. "

Lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts
BA Antioch University Los Angeles
MFA Graduate, Lesley University, College of Art and Design